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Banana diet…..Effective way to lose weight

Many people have talked about the latest type of diet that originated in Japan and that “should be tried,” as some people say, where bananas are fast, stress-free, and a dream for all the usual dieters.

This diet encourages you to eat fruits and be aware of your level of hunger and satiety.

It helps you to lose weight because you will simply eat fewer calories, without a strict diet or calories count until you reach a stage where your body does not gain extra weight easily.

All you need to know about Banana diet:

1- Eat at least one banana every day (preferred at breakfast)

2-Choose fresh bananas and avoid the freezer ones.

3- Eat the number you want of bananas, and if you do not prefer bananas, you can substitute it with another type of fruit.

4-If you want to eat something else next to bananas wait  15-30 minutes after eating bananas.

5-Rice (Japanese food) is preferred for early results.
6-Drink water from time to time:

You should drink a glass of water at room temperature in the morning with bananas, you can have another drink after at least 15-30 minutes a day, there is a specific rule for the amount of water needed to drink constantly.

You can also get water from food. A banana, for example, contains 70% of the water needed by your body, the body’s need for water varies daily and depends on the nature of the food you eat, temperature, humidity, exercise and effort.

So you do not have to worry about the amount of water you drink. That’s the right way.

Stay away from soda because it will make you feel hungry.

7- Eat whatever you want in your lunch and dinner.

Eat the food you want in the quantity you want, but be careful not to fill your stomach completely until you give the stomach a chance to relax, so you should stop when you feel 80% full.

If you want quick results, Japanese food is the best, especially rice.

8-Snacks are not allowed daily, but eating one type a day is recommended.

We recommend chocolate or fruit but reduce ice cream and dairy products as much as possible.

9-Eating an early meal in the evening ,because the main reason for weight gain is to eat dinner late at night, even if you follow all the previous rules, having late dinner spoils the diet and make you fall asleep and your stomach is still working  , so you can’t have a quiet and comfortable sleep

which makes you feel tired. Thus will affect your body’s condition and make you prone to gaining weight easily.

The perfect time to eat dinner is at eight o’clock in the evening and should not be eaten afterwards.

If you feel hungry after dinner, drink a glass of water first, and If you continue to feel hungry, you can eat one type of fruit. Be sure to chew food well to facilitate digestion.
10-Go to sleep before midnight and make it a permanent habit, because sufficient sleep saves you from stress and makes you lose extra weight easily, and without good sleep Bananas diet is not effective

If you are working at night try to change your lifestyle because your health is more important than work


11- Practising sport and some useful exercises are really great support to your banana diet to make it more effective, and help you burn lots of calories and also improve your mood.

Benefits of banana diet in weight loss

1-Banana contains enzymes that stimulate digestion and reduce the time needed for digestion in the intestine, which improves the metabolism and helps in weight loss.

2-Banana is a rich source of starch that makes you feel full and prevents you from eating too much, in addition to its role in increasing the body’s ability to burn fat.

3-Eating fruits with water improve bowel movement.

4- Eating dinner early and reducing snacks can allow digestion to complete before bedtime.

5-About half of fibre in the banana is soluble fibre so when it reaches your digestive system, it absorbs water and slows digestion, forcing food to stay in your stomach for a longer period of time so you won’t feel hungry.

Bananas diet effectiveness:

Bananas diet is a good way to improve your physical condition but does not mean that you can do what you want after eating bananas in the morning, so if you do not lose weight it means that you do not apply the basic rules as we mentioned before.

This diet focuses on the time needed to be given to the stomach to rest after eating. The more comfortable your intestine is, the better its functions will be, which will affect your physical health.

In addition, Bananas are actually protected you from depression. Bananas improve mood levels with its amino acids known as “tryptophan”,  which enter the brain with the help of carbohydrates in bananas and increase the production of serotonin that responsible of improving the mood.

Bananas diet is a quick way to lose weight, but only if you follow the rules above. It also helps you to get a healthy body that does not gain weight easily and makes you feel full when eating less food than you used to eat.

How you live now is not only affects your weight but also affects the health of your skin and body in the coming months , and now after reading this article you can start this banana diet if you want to control your appetite, burn calories and lose extra weight, so you can keep your body healthy and enjoy happy times.

Shahzad Ahmed Khan
Shahzad Ahmed Khan
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