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The Diabetes mellitus… An Illness You Can Control.

diabetes mellitus

Different Ways to Control diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is not an easy illness, actually, it is something you may never get rid of it, your whole life.
Those who suffer from diabetes, have double the risk of having a heart disease and mental health disorders like depression.
Most cases of diabetes mellitus can be easily controlled or even reversed by following few steps, but this doesn’t mean that you will deprive your life of all the food pleasures, but you will eat delicious and balanced food according to a certain diet which will provide you with more energy and fewer calories.

Follow these steps and you will feel all the pleasures of life but in a healthy way.

1- Choose the best diet for diabetes.

Although you suffer from diabetes, you need the same nutrients as any other person, but you must pay attention for some kinds of food which you must decrease its quantity. A diet which helps you to lose some weight fits you more than anyone else. Losing just 5% of your recent weight can lower your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

2- Plan your own diabetes diet

You don’t need to follow a standard diabetic diet, but you can follow the general rules then add your favourite food in less quantity and balance them with the other kinds.

3- Make your own limits.

You must make limits for eating sugar and carbohydrates.
Even Diabetes can’t prevent you from your own treat, so eat it in the morning and choose a small portion.

4- Eat more

Fats are two kinds, healthy fats and unhealthy. You should eat more of the healthy fat like avocados, nuts, colourful fish oils, olive oil, and flax seeds.
Moreover, you must eat more fruits and vegetables Wh colorful and fresh, but it is better to eat the whole fruit rather than juices.
Also eating high-fiber cereals and bread which are made from whole grains is better than the white.
Eating high-quality protein which is mainly found in eggs, beans, and dairy (the low-fat ones).

5- Eat less

Some kinds of food may strengthen diabetes and make it more dangerous like trans fats which mainly come from hydrogenated and fried foods. Moreover, most packaged and fast foods for example desserts, white bread, baked goods, sweets, chips, sugary cereals, refined rice, and pasta are not good for those with diabetes.

6- Reduce drinking canned juices and soda.

Canned juices and soda are full of sugar and harmful colors, try to drink only natural juices especially orange juice.

7- Sweeten your food by yourself.

Don’t buy sweet tea, sweet milk… always put your sugar in your food to control the quantity and the quality.

8- Don’t deprive yourself of desserts, but replace them.

Everyone like desserts, so we have to find healthy ways to satisfy our love for sweets. As a start, eat half portion of your dessert and the other half replace it with natural fruits. You can also try some healthy recipes like for a frozen treat try to blend up frozen bananas instead of ice cream, and dark chocolate instead of brown ones.

Check this menu for what you can eat and instead of what:
1- Try brown or wild rice instead of white rice.
2- Try sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.
3- Try whole-wheat pasta and spaghetti squash instead of regular pasta.
4- Try whole-grain bread instead of white bread.
5- Try high-fiber and low-sugar cereal instead of sugary cereal.
6- Try Low-sugar bran flakes instead of the usual cornflakes which we eat on breakfast.

Diabetes can be controlled by maintaining a balance between the ingredients of your meals and snacks.

Shahzad Ahmed Khan
Shahzad Ahmed Khan
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