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Guide to Get Driving Jobs in Dubai

No doubt, transportation is an important ingredient of the economy and one of the major drivers of development. This is even more crucial in a business hub such as Dubai where economic opportunities are heavily dependent on the mobility of people, goods and information.

In a nutshell, transport carries an important social and environmental weight, which cannot be ignored. Fortunately, the government of the Emirate of Dubai is well aware of this importance. To streamline the transport operations of this international centre is not an easy job. However, due to efficient planning and management on part of the government, the issue has been properly addressed. The most prominent initiative in this regard is the formation of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) back in 2005.

The main objective of RTA is to plan and provide requirements for transportation within Dubai and its connection with the other Emirates of UAE. The future planning also includes land communication of Dubai with other neighbouring countries. Currently, RTA is working on Buses, Taxis, Intercity Transport, Road Engineering, Registration & Licensing, Public Buses, etc.

It is also a fact that the initiatives taken by RTA have developed the transportation industry of Dubai tremendously along with the solution of various related issues. These initiatives include reviewing and improving the working conditions of drivers, optimising the charges and salaries, prevention of carpooling, elevation of road conditions, safety measures and streamlining of license related issues. As a result, both investors and job seekers are being attracted towards this industry. Currently, many companies are operating to provide various transport related services, ranging from taxis, goods delivery, school and professional duty, tour and travels, logistics, and so on.

The emergence of so many transport providing companies has also stimulated job seekers to find their earning within this industry. The job requirements are also not difficult which makes it an ideal opportunity for those with little qualification, experience and expertise. It is also noteworthy, that majority of drivers working in Dubai belong to other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepalese, etc. and they are earning a decent amount of compensation each month. This ratio motivates foreigners to exercise their luck in transport if they plan to work for a living in Dubai.

Driving Jobs Providing Companies

Following is the discussion of companies which provide driving related jobs. They include taxi driving, school vans, goods and logistics transportation, passenger bus & rentals, etc.

Taxi Driving Jobs

The transport system in Dubai depends on much more on taxis. There are more than six companies operating in the region with over 10000 taxis on roads and this number is increasing. This already huge network creates a bulk of driving related opportunities for job seekers. These companies include Dubai Taxi, National Taxi, Cars Taxi, Hala Taxi, Arabia Taxi, and Uber Middle East etc.

Job requirement for every company may differ slightly, however, standard measures as required by RTA are; taxi drivers must pass a driving test, be aged between 21 and 45, and hold a valid light motor vehicle license issued by the UAE.

Goods & Logistics Transportation

Like a taxi, the importance of goods and logistics transport cannot be ignored. These companies provide the service of delivering merchandise goods, machinery, raw materials, lumber, vegetables and documents from one place to another. Some common names include Gillani Transport LLC, City Guide Luxury Transport, Burhani Oasis, AFCO and Syon Logistics etc.

These companies encourage applicants with an HTV license, the driving experience of UAE (or know-how of local routes and highways), a good understanding of Arabic (or English), etc. These jobs also offer a worthy benefit package such as Medical Allowance, Overtime, Free Two way tickets, Gratuity and accommodation.

Passenger Bus & Rentals

Dubai is a destination for many job holders and tourists. They need public transport for their daily commuting. Passenger buses are an economic way for those who do not have their personal conveyance. Various companies are providing this facility. They include Bigdaddy Car Rentals, Wadi Swat Passenger Busses, Positive Star Passenger Busses & Car Rental, and Sevensky Passenger Transport etc.

Job requirements on part of applicants are; Holding Heavy Driver Category 6 License, 5 to 10 years of relevant experience, a clear record showing no major accidents and a good understanding of regional language.

The job also comes with a similar set of benefits such as overtime, periodic air tickets, and salary package ranging from AED 4,000 to AED 8,000 monthly.

Other driving Jobs

In addition to above regular jobs, Dubai offers a lot of other opportunities for driving professionals. These jobs vary in nature and compensation. Some commonly produced jobs are School Van Driving, Personal Drivers, Family Drivers, Random Picker and driver, Light Duty Driver etc. These jobs also employ a decent number of drivers as compared to the total market share of the transportation industry.

Interested candidate can apply for these jobs either directly through respective websites of the companies or with the help of top job search engines such as Dubizzle, Bayt.com, Rozee.pk, Gulf Talent, Indeed.com, etc.

General Requirements

Although specific requirements for each type of category have already been providing, however, general requirements for all these jobs include Education up to Intermediate, valid UAE driving license, and understanding of English and Arabic, the familiarity of UAE routes and traffic laws, good communication skills, and physical fitness.

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