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Top 5 Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

Top 5 Fastest Roller Coaster in the World: One of the humanity’s most impressive creation, Rollercoasters require  engineering of the highest order in order to build the winding, looping structures. It has to enable the high-velocity cars to ride securely. Moreover, it has to be thrilling a minute ride to satisfy any adrenaline junkie.

Some of the greatest ones are:

ABU DHABI Ferrari World:

The world’s largest indoor amusement park also boasts of the world’s fastest roller coaster. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is the Formula Ross that utilizes a hydraulic launch system instead of a traditional form of acceleration to launch the coaster across a flat stretch of track to mimic the Formula One. The launcher propels the coaster from zero to more than 60 km in just two seconds and by the end of the 1.4-mile course, the coaster tops 150 mph. The riders experience a staggering 1.7Gs of force. They mandatorily have to wear a pair of skydiving Google to overcome any insects, dust, and other airborne particles!

Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka Roller coaster

Kingda Ka, while having ceded the title of being the fastest is still the tallest. Its enormous 456-foot “Top Hat” tower — a kind of hill in the track ensuring a 90-degree ascent and descent means it can be spotted from miles away. The passengers are fired along one of two parallel tracks, reaching 128 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds. The high speed propels the coaster up uphill to one side of the top hat, where it stops for a while before dropping straight down the other parallel track. Kingda Ka’s enormous top hat tower has “rollbacks” when the coaster fails to reach its top speed and doesn’t reach the top of the top hat!

Steel Dragon 2000: Japan

Japan’s Steel Dragon 2000 roller coaster currently is longest in the world, with a whopping 8,133 feet of real estate. While Steel Dragon 2000 may not be now the fastest it still remains the second-tallest full-course coaster in the world and the sixth fastest in the world. It now features a 30-story drop, tunnels, figure-eights, massive camel backs, and numerous iconic roller coaster elements that ensure a four-minute adrenaline rush.

Takabisha: Japan

Takabisha: Japan

One of the most exciting parts this roller coaster ride are the steep drops. The stomach seems to churn as it slams into the spine. The body counters it by pouring a heavy dose adrenaline. It gets better as it steeper and there can be no better than the world’s steepest incline – the Takabisha roller coaster in Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. It is angled at 121 degrees and serves as the climax of an epic ride. This is famous for combining vertical lifts with steep drops.

Full Throttle Valencia, Calif

The tallest vertical loop amazes as much as it leaves you aghast. At Full Throttle, sits at Six Flags Magic Mountain park in Valencia, Calif., that holds the record for the tallest vertical loop.  It stands at one hundred sixty-ft tall and has been an iconic landmark of the park’s skyline for the reason that journey opened in 2013.

The Smiler

The Smiler has all it takes to make your belly churn!  It comes with a full complement of roller coaster loops, flips, and corkscrews. It holds the record for the largest number of included inversions — 14, to be exact. Not surprisingly it’s an engineering marvel with a complex structure to support the ride. The convoluted structure is also prone to the occasional error and malfunction!



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